This is one of the most common scenarios the Teaching Assistant will face in their career. These types of questions will determine the applicant's capability to handle operational issues. It will let the interviewer know how you approach the job's responsibilities and what different ways will be used to solve this kind of issue.

Some of the points which can be kept in mind while dealing with this kind of issue are:-

  • Stay Calm and Emotion Free
  • Be Firm and Direct
  • Give Students Ownership
  • Create a Student Behavior Plan

Example: - "I used to follow the routine that has been set with the teacher whenever there is a disruption in the classroom. If a group of children is being disruptive, the first thing I would do is separate them. I'd then assign them assignments related to the lesson plan and required their full attention. This approach usually takes care of the problem."

BY Best Interview Question ON 04 Dec 2021