How many types of views are there in MS Word?
There are several views of MS Word.
  • Web Layout View:- You can get a preview of how your document will look on a website or as a website. All the borders, graphics and backgrounds which you have added in the document can be viewed in the browser. The best trait of this view is it is open to editing and saving your document.
  • Print Layout:- You can check and edit how you set formatting and margins of the document. The view also displays the header and footer information.
  • Outline:-In this, you can add nested levels, bullets, and indented lines for helping in copying, moving, pasting the elements.Research papers, manuscripts, books are other options available in the view section.
  • Standard View:-In case you don’t plan for a commercial printer or output to a web server, standard view or default view is used. It is also used when working with graphics and text and can be edited. No header/footer can be seen here in this view.
  • Reading View:-You can see your document side by side on the monitor, but this is not available in all the versions of MS Word.
BY Best Interview Question ON 22 Dec 2022