These types of questions are best answered by the STAR method i.e. Situation, Task, Action, and Result. Keep your answer short and simple and avoid overdramatizing the event and responses that include-

  • Speaking against or negatively of others.
  • Avoid taking names in your examples
  • Telling the interviewer that you are perfect and can get along with everyone.

Some quick ways to handle these types of situations-

  • Have some patience and try to go with a language they better understand.
  • It’s time to show your listening skills. Yes Listen first and react second.
  • When dealing with a bad communicator, it’s important how you are using your words and body language.
  • Sometimes people are bad at communicating and listening too. In those situations be clear in your words. It won’t show you are rude, rather you give priority to your work.
BY Best Interview Question ON 29 Sep 2022

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