There are multiple factors based on which I create tour packages.

These factors include:

  • Picking up the location according to the client whether they seek romantic, family, honeymoon, friends, group, or solo vacation.
  • Booking of tickets in advance. To ensure the convenience of the client’s tour booking all-important tickets in advance is a must. These include flights, trains, buses, cruise, accommodation, etc.
  • Picking plans according to the duration of the trip. Some people want to explore more in all their time. For them, I try to add all the important cities and locations. While others like to spend the day peacefully and enjoy nature's beauty. For them, I add all the beautiful sites.
  • After a day by day, planning is done, I plan hourly planning for each day. Putting all the cultural and fun activities makes every day memorable for the client.
BY Best Interview Question ON 30 Sep 2020