In my role as a pilot for your airline, I consider the satisfaction of customers as the top and foremost priority. To go above and beyond for the customers, I would:

  • Communicate Effectively: Peace of mind is very essential for a passenger flying for the first time or otherwise. As a pilot, I would ensure to keep my passengers regularly updated on the flight progress, informing them of announcements on turbulence, schedule changes, and so on.
  • Ensure Passenger comfort: The comfortable experience of an airline passenger totally lies in the hands of the pilot is what I believe in. I would aim to offer a stable and pleasant experience to my passengers by optimizing the cabin environment and keeping the turbulence as low as possible.
  • Ensure Safety of the passengers: This is something that is non-negotiable. How I would make sure the safety of my passengers is not compromised is by conducting rigorous pre-flight checks, staying updated on weather conditions, and making the necessary in-flight adjustments.
  • Offer Efficiency: I will stay on my toes to offer the best customer experience possible by closely working with the cabin crew to ensure that the boarding and deboarding process are smoothly aligned.
  • Offer Solutions with my problproblem-solvingls: I would draw upon my hours of extensive training and flight experience to offer solutions calmly and efficiently in an event of an unprecedented emergency.
BY Best Interview Question ON 20 Sep 2023