General Waiting List

GNWL FULL FORM represents the General Waiting List in the railway department. The train's General Quota is for travelers boarding at (or near) the originating station and traveling to the concluding station. When all General Quota tickets are sold, the railway department starts a General Wait List (GNWL). This is the most common waiting list and comes with excellent confirmation odds.

GNWL confirmation odds

When RAC tickets are canceled, they're given to GNWL ticket holders. It is the most famous waiting list ticket and has the maximum confirmation likelihood.

You can verify the confirmation likelihood of your ticket on the IRCTC website. For further details, install the IRCTC application for mobile devices.

GNWL-Waiting List Tickets

The traveler is waitlisted if the ticket status is WL, followed by a number. The ticket can be verified only if people who registered for the same trip cancel.

  • If the status is GNWL 13 / WL 9, then the ticket has a waiting list of 9 and will be verified only if nine people booked for the same journey cancel their tickets.
  • GNWL/AVAILABLE implies the ticket is Confirmed since some people who booked before canceled.
  • No berth is given if a passenger's status is waitlisted after chart preparation. If a GNWL ticket is canceled 48 hours before departure, just Rs. 60 is deducted per person.
  • If all travelers on a ticket obtain waitlisted status after the last chart preparation, the ticket is automatically canceled, and the money is reimbursed to the user's account.
  • In this circumstance, passengers are urged not to board the train. Suppose at least one person has RAC or confirmed status, and the others on a similar ticket receive waiting list status. In that case, the e-ticket is not automatically invalidated, and the passengers can board the train.

A traveler has assured a journey if their ticket is CNF (confirmed) or RAC (Reservation Against Cancellation) but not WL (Waiting List). These technical subtleties can be unintelligible to the common user, who may need to learn what TQWL, RLWL, or PQWL means.

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