Here are some of the feature of SASS:-

  • SASS is more stable, compatible and powerful with versions of CSS.
  • SASS is a pre-processor of CSS and is based on the JavaScript.
  • SASS is called as syntactic sugar for CSS because SASS has found an easier way for the user to read or express the things more clearly while coding
  • SASS uses its own syntax and then it gets compiles to readable CSS.
  • SASS is an open source pre-processor.
  • Nesting is one of the most important features of SASS. As a result of Nesting, the repetitions of the code is almost negligible and it is easier to maintain a document.
  • In SASS the variables start with $ and as result handling the global values like colours, breakpoints and fonts has become a lot easier.
BY Best Interview Question ON 18 Jan 2019