Hadoop and big data are the terms related to each other as Hadoop is the tool that is most commonly used for processing big data and is used in all the big companies such as Amazon, Facebook, Walmart, Google, etc. and one should be familiar with its components. It comprises mainly four components.

  • Hadoop Common- It is the collection of Hadoop tools and libraries.
  • Hadoop HDFS- Hadoop HDFS is Hadoop Distributed File System and is the storage unit of Hadoop which stores data in a unique distributed way. It comprises two parts a) Name node and b) Data Node. While there is always one Name Node, numerous Data nodes are possible in Hadoop.
  • Hadoop MapReduce- It is the processing unit of Hadoop and is done on the slave node and the final output is sent to the master node.
  • Hadoop YARN- YARN stands for Yet Another Resource Negotiator and is the resource management unit of Hadoop. It basically manages the cluster resources to avoid overloading a single machine and this component is included in Hadoop Version 2.
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