Commission of Railway Safety

The Commission of Railway Safety (CRS), under the administration of the Ministry of Commercial Aviation of the Government of India handles rail travel and train procedure issues. It is charged with certain statutory functions as laid out in the Railways Act. (1989), which are inspectorial, investigative, and advisory.

The Commission (CRS) acts according to statutory accident investigation rules under the Railways Act and executive guidelines issued occasionally. The most important duty of the CRS is to check that each new railway line is opened for Passenger traffic conforms to the specifications and standards established by the Ministry of Railways and is safe for carrying passenger traffic.

This also applies to gauge conversion, doubling lines, and electrification of existing lines. Commission conducts statutory inquiries into significant train incidents on Indian Railways and offers recommendations to improve.

Some important points about CRS

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  • Under the supervision of the Ministry of Civil Aviation
  • The Rail Safety provides authority as per "The Railways Act, 1989."
  • Headed by CCRS (Chief Commissioner of Railway Safety) - the Secretary to the Government of India Rank
  • CCRS works as the Central Government's Principal Technical Advisor on railway safety.
  • Deals with concerns connected to train travel and operation. It is charged with certain statutory tasks as provided in the Railways Act (1989), which are inspectorial, investigative, and advising.
  • Authority over 17 Regional Railways as well as Metro Railway Systems in Delhi, Hyderabad, Maharashtra, Bangalore, etc.
  • CRS approval is required for any work on an open route that will impact passenger trains and any temporary arrangements necessary for carrying it out unless in an emergency.

Functions of CRS

  • Any new railway line opened for passenger traffic must meet CRS standards and specifications.
  • CRS works to become Newline safe for conducting passenger traffic.
  • The regulation, as mentioned earlier, applies to Gauge conversion, Doubling/Trebling/Quadrupling of lines, and Supply of electricity to existing lines.
  • Statutory inquiry into catastrophic railway accidents on the Indian Railways
  • CRS makes proposals for enhancing Indian Railway safety.
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