CNF full form shows as confirmed. When seats are reserved, the ticket status reads CNF. Reservation against Cancellation, or RAC, refers to a confirmed seat of a train ticket but a waitlist berth. The assigned berth must be divided into two seats if the tickets are purchased with RAC status.

  • Verify PNR When the ticket was in RAC, a status was assigned. It has since been changed to confirmed, but the seat number has not been provided.
  • Upon charting, the seat number will be assigned. 
  • Typically, charting is completed four hours before train departure. 
  • If a ticket is canceled, the standard refund policies for cancellations will be followed.


1. Can I use a CNF ticket to travel?

You won't experience any issues while traveling if your ticket status is printed CNF (Confirmed). Along with CNF, seats, and coaches are provided.

2. How long is the CNF waiting list?

The meaning of CNF A: CNF stands for confirmed in the context of IRCTC PNR status and indicates that you have a confirmed reservation and will receive a seat number shortly.

3. IRCTC CNF probability: How reliable is it?

Analysis and Probability of Confirmation for PNR Status Prediction
This online platform's PNR forecast is 99% accurate, thanks to data analysis and artificial intelligence.

4. Is it the same as CNF and RAC?

Reservation Against Cancellation is known as RAC. Passengers are put in the RAC wait once all the regular quota seats have been filled. The lower berth seat is designated for two travelers. Following charting, seat numbers are issued to passengers with CNF status.

BY Best Interview Question ON 27 Dec 2022